1 OZ 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Cosmetic お値打ち価格で Lip Salve Balm Lotion Jar 1 OZ 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Cosmetic お値打ち価格で Lip Salve Balm Lotion Jar 70円 1 OZ / 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Lip Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion Jar Beauty Personal Care Skin Care 1,Kraft,mL,OZ,/lodicule316185.html,Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion,70円,/,www.joshdavies.com,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Paperboard,Lip,Jar,30 1,Kraft,mL,OZ,/lodicule316185.html,Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion,70円,/,www.joshdavies.com,Beauty Personal Care , Skin Care,Paperboard,Lip,Jar,30 70円 1 OZ / 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Lip Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion Jar Beauty Personal Care Skin Care

1 OZ 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Cosmetic お値打ち価格で Lip Salve Balm Lotion Jar 正規取扱店

1 OZ / 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Lip Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion Jar


1 OZ / 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Lip Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion Jar

Product description

Number of Items:100

Size: 52mm x 29mm | 1oz / 30mL (Approximate Volume) | A unique jar form factor | Perfect for any products where a push up tube isn't suitable | The days of filling up landfills with used plastic lip balm / salve / lotion bar containers is over. What is the point of making your own organic balms and salves with love and care only to put them in plastic containers that will NEVER decompose? Your product can't be 100% natural unless the package it comes in is 100% biodegradable. These kraft paper 100% recyclable jars are a great eco friendly alternative to jars made from petroleum based plastics. Multiple Pack Sizes Available

1 OZ / 30 mL Kraft Paperboard Lip Balm/Salve/Cosmetic/Lotion Jar


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