Wall,Succulents,COLORSUM,/florence-churches/climbing-to-the-top-of-duomo.html,Plants,Wooden,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Clock,Round,Tropical,12",28円,www.joshdavies.com 28円 COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Clock Tropical Plants Succulents Home Kitchen Home Décor Products COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Succulents Plants バーゲンセール Tropical Clock 28円 COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Clock Tropical Plants Succulents Home Kitchen Home Décor Products COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Succulents Plants バーゲンセール Tropical Clock Wall,Succulents,COLORSUM,/florence-churches/climbing-to-the-top-of-duomo.html,Plants,Wooden,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Clock,Round,Tropical,12",28円,www.joshdavies.com

COLORSUM メーカー公式 12

COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Clock Tropical Plants Succulents


COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Clock Tropical Plants Succulents

Product description

-100% Brand New.
-Dimensions: 12 Inches.
-Packing List: 1 x Wall Clock
-Place: Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, Clinic, Office, School and Library etc.

Clock Features
Functional Home Decor
Our clocks aren't just for timekeeping. They function as beautiful wall decor pieces, and bring both style and purpose to any room.

Quality Metal Hands
All our hands are crafted of metal and carefully selected to complement the design of the clock. Each set features the perfect finish to be easily viewed against the designer dial.

Silent Movement
Quality Scanning Quartz Movement ensure accurate time and absolutely silent environment. Not bother you reading, working, thinking, conversing or sleeping.

Please note:
-The clock is unframed, and there is no glass face as the cover.
-Because the batteries is limited by international transport, the battery is no contain, please pay attention.
-When calibrating the time, first move all the hands to the 12 oclock position, then put the battery to start the pointer.
-The numbers are black on the clock.If you don't like it, you can take a white paint marker and made them more visible.

COLORSUM 12" Wooden Round Wall Clock Tropical Plants Succulents

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