www.joshdavies.com,/ester315907.html,PFERD,Cup,57円,Filament,Silicon,83821,Industrial Scientific , Abrasive Finishing Products,Abrasive,Brush,,Carbide,M-Brad 57円 PFERD 83821 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Cup Brush, Silicon Carbide Industrial Scientific Abrasive Finishing Products 57円 PFERD 83821 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Cup Brush, Silicon Carbide Industrial Scientific Abrasive Finishing Products PFERD 83821 5☆好評 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Carbide Brush Cup Silicon www.joshdavies.com,/ester315907.html,PFERD,Cup,57円,Filament,Silicon,83821,Industrial Scientific , Abrasive Finishing Products,Abrasive,Brush,,Carbide,M-Brad PFERD 83821 5☆好評 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Carbide Brush Cup Silicon

PFERD 83821 5☆好評 M-Brad Abrasive 登場大人気アイテム Filament Carbide Brush Cup Silicon

PFERD 83821 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Cup Brush, Silicon Carbide


PFERD 83821 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Cup Brush, Silicon Carbide

Product description

PFERD M-BRAD Abrasive filament cup brush is designed for use on hand-held right-angle tools or stationary machine spindles. Ideal for flat surfaces with numerous holes and low projections. Cup brushes are especially effective on aluminum, cast iron, brass, copper and hardened steels. Recommendation for use Suitable tool drives: stationary machines, variable speed angle grinders. Diameter (inches): 6; 5/8-11 Thread; Wire Size: .040; Filament Material: Nylon / Silicon Carbide; Maximum Rotational Speed (RPM): 5000; Trim Length (inches): 1-1/2; Recommended RPM: 1,200 - 1,600.

PFERD 83821 M-Brad Abrasive Filament Cup Brush, Silicon Carbide

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