CLOEV Turkish Style Towel Cotton Textu Towels Super 定番から日本未入荷 Absorb with 21円 CLOEV Turkish Style Towel, Cotton Towels with Super Absorb Textu Home Kitchen Bath CLOEV Turkish Style Towel Cotton Textu Towels Super 定番から日本未入荷 Absorb with 21円 CLOEV Turkish Style Towel, Cotton Towels with Super Absorb Textu Home Kitchen Bath Super,Home Kitchen , Bath,21円,Cotton,,Absorb,Towels,Textu,Towel,,Style,CLOEV,with,Turkish,/clavichord861495.html Super,Home Kitchen , Bath,21円,Cotton,,Absorb,Towels,Textu,Towel,,Style,CLOEV,with,Turkish,/clavichord861495.html

CLOEV Turkish Style Towel Cotton Textu Towels Super 定番から日本未入荷 最新アイテム Absorb with

CLOEV Turkish Style Towel, Cotton Towels with Super Absorb Textu


CLOEV Turkish Style Towel, Cotton Towels with Super Absorb Textu

Product Description

Cloev Towels and Features

Made with 100% natural cotton, this cotton bath towel has the good in class absorbency. It is comfortable on your soft skin. The luxury bath towel is light yet absorbent, absorbs the water gently and leaves you feeling relaxed and fresh. Absorbency will improve further after two washes.

Easy Care

People prefer these cotton quick dry towels over conventional terry towels because caring is quite simple. Here’s how to keep your towels looking and feeling awesome, with less effort.

Washing Instructions

  1. Machine Wash at 30 Degrees
  2. No Fabric Conditioner
  3. Do Not Bleach
  4. Dry Naturally or Tumble Dry on a Low Temperature

Conditioning a Cotton Towel

It is advised to wash your Cloev towel before you use it. It needs to be washed to become absorbent and softer. Preferably, you can also soak your towel in cool water overnight, after soaking put your towel on a spin cycle in the washing machine then let it dry naturally. This process will train cotton fibres to absorb and release moisture.

Cloev towels, in general, become softer after third wash, the reason being it is the inherent character of cotton fibres that it becomes softer after washes, though the quick way to attain softness is the chemical treatment we believe in natural softness. Less chemical means less burden on the planet.

  • These Lightweight towels air dry super quickly, so you can also hang them to dry, which is so awesome.

CLOEV Turkish Style Towel, Cotton Towels with Super Absorb Textu

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